AOL Com Download Windows 7  is an all-in-one web browser, search engine, and instant messaging client for America Online users.If you ever wished you could just pack all your favorite web browsing features into one program, you’re in luck. This is exactly what AOL Com Download Windows 7 is doing. How America Online has been producing similar programs for more than a decade and they still seem strong. With this new version of one of their most popular programs, users get an updated look and feel as well as a more integrated web browser.

Probably one of the nicest features is the ability to search for specific topics online from the comfort of your desktop. AOL 9.6 comes with a gadget where you can enter your search terms. Of course, to actually see the results, you must have an accessible browser to search the AOL search engine. That’s where this program starts to shine. AOL 9.6 brings you a browser feature as well as a matching search engine to find what you’re looking for.

Also included is the popular messaging program, AOL Instant Messenger. Also known as AIM, this is arguably one of the longest-running and most popular instant messaging programs on the internet to this day. The latest version of AIM is installed in the program and is perfectly integrated into the browser, convenient on the one hand. It doesn’t usually interfere with your internet surfing, but it’s there if you want to chat with your friends the same way.

Unfortunately, there is nothing overly innovative about AOL 9.6. Everything here has been seen before, and some might argue that new browsers with social media integration do it even better. With Facebook chat built into browsers like RockMelt and Flock, it sometimes seems like programs like AIM are largely obsolete. Also, AOL 9.6 has a tendency to crash or freeze if you run a few more extra programs at the same time.

AOL 9.6 certainly doesn’t break any new ground, but for loyal America Online users, it’s a nice update.


  • Internet browsing all-in-one
  • Excellent bright graphics


  • Installation can be tricky
  • The program often crashes and freezes
  • Requires a lot of personal data at the startup

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