Droidcam is a tool for Android and PC that will allow you to use your mobile phone as a PC webcam. This complex application perfectly displays the image captured by the mobile phone camera on your PC. The free version of DroidCam allows you to access the main features, although you cannot improve the image resolution.

How To Install And Set Up DroidCam On Your Mobile Phone And PC

To use DroidCam, you need to install the Android app and PC client.

If you want to connect your mobile phone’s webcam to your computer, you can choose between WIFI, Ethernet, or USB. The USB option is the most appropriate, although it needs to be given certain permissions for the mobile phone. We advise you to read the official manual or this tutorial as a guide to installing DroidCam.


  • Very practical if you don’t have a webcam


  • Comprehensive installation for users without much experience

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